The time in your child’s life between the age of birth and 5 is called the Early Years Foundations Stage (EYFS). This is a very important stage of your child’s development where their experiences should be fun, stimulating, exciting and active.

Staff at the kindergarten are aware of the importance of a stimulating play environment to enable children to develop good social skills and an appreciation for all cultures. It is through play that the babies and young children learn to grow and develop.

The quality of teaching is excellent. All staff consistently support, challenge and inspire children to become active, independent learners.

(Ofsted, 2014)

We recognise that children are the experts when it comes to learning and we allow them to take their own lead in our free play enabled settings. The EYFS recognises that every child is unique with an individual path to learning and a need for the right environment combined with close relationships in order to succeed.

When starting the kindergarten each child is allocated a Key Person, who takes care of their individual needs. The Key Person will follow your child’s journey through their time with us. Parents are free to communicate with their child’s Key Person on a regular basis to keep them up to date with their child’s development and progress.

Key persons are extremely caring, sensitive and attuned to all children’s needs.

(Ofsted, 2014)

We take care of all children with respect and encourage them to listen and respond with the staff and other children. The well-resourced outdoor and indoor environments at the kindergartens enable the children to explore free play and movement.

For more information on the EYFS, please ask your child’s Key Person or the manager. There are information packs available in reception. Observations and assessments are recorded regularly to ensure continuous development at any time. Checks are carried out when children are 2 years. Parents are welcome to discuss their child’s development at any time. Personal reports are regularly made to parents on their child’s progress. Parent’s evening and consultations are organised, reports and transitional information which can be passed on to school.

Learning Journey

At Torrisholme Kindergarten, the curriculum covers all areas of a child’s learning. It is specifically designed to meet the needs of each individual child. Each child has a learning journey that follows their development through their time at the kindergarten. Parents are welcome to view and discuss the learning journeys at any time. Parents can arrange meetings with their child’s key person at any time. For more details see the Partnership with Parents section.


  • “We cannot speak highly enough of the care A has received in her two years of attending nursery. Shelley, Lesley and all of the team have been nurturing and attentive to A and always voiced any concerns they have had. A has LOVED her time at nursery and I'm sure she will leave with many happy memories of her time there. We couldn't have picked a better nursery!”
    C. Cowperthwaite - Parent (School Leaver)
  • “R has loved every minute of nursery. I have never had a problem with getting her to attend, only problem is getting home at the end of the day. R has learnt so many things and has become a confident, caring, sharing little girl. R has formed some strong friendships along the way, which I hope to keep in touch with. R is ready for school but will miss coming to nursery. All the staff have been amazing. It's such a massive relief to know that she's been in such good hands while I've been at work. Thank you all.”
    K. Oldfield - Parent (School Leaver)
  • “The Kindergarten is always such a happy place! All the staff are so lovely and friendly, and they look after the parents as much as the kids! It's reassuring when we are at work to know how happy, safe and cared for our little one is. We cannot praise the Kindergarten enough.”
    S. McMorland - Parent
  • “My children have attended the nursery for a few years now and absolutely loves going! They always come out happy and tell me what a great time they’ve had. My daughter has developed so quickly since coming to the nursery. Brilliant staff, very happy and friendly. Clean and beautifully maintained.”
    K. Thorpe - Parent
  • “To any parent looking for a nursery - this is the one I would highly recommend. My son has medical problems and since going to Torrisholme he has blossomed, been loved and cared for by all the staff, and has developed so much. The nursery area is amazing as I have to say too is Poulton nursery. We are all protective as parents, but all the staff made my son and I feel safe. I trust them like family. Brilliant!!!”
    C. Shaw (Parent)
  • “Our son has spent 4 happy years here and has made some wonderful friends including the staff. The staff provide a safe clean environment and are attentive to each child’s individual needs. We are regularly updated at his development. The facilities and equipment available are extensive which allows him to be active and creative. I highly recommend this nursery.”
    J. Nicholson - Parent
  • “This is an amazing environment with wonderful staff. I feel so lucky to have my children at this nursery. The care and support given to my children and me has been (and currently is) wonderful. I recommend Torrisholme and Morecambe Kindergarten to every patten. Thank you to Shelley and all your amazing staff.”
    P. Lewis - Parent
  • “Both my daughters have attended Torrisholme nursery. They have been truly happy and they have made lots of friends. The staff at Torrisholme have been wonderful and have given my daughters the best start in life. I can only describe this nursery as part of the family. I highly recommend this nursery.”
    J. Entwistle - Parent
  • “Every time I walk in to Torrisholme Kindergarten I get the impression that everyone is really pleased to be there - children and staff. This creates such a happy and friendly environment. The fact that it takes me seconds to drop the boys off in a morning but 10 minutes to collect them speaks volumes about how much my two want to be there. When reading your assessments of my children it makes me appreciate how much you know them! You pick up on everything we say about them at home. We couldn't have asked you to be any more supportive! Thank you so much for making it so easy for me to drop them off knowing they are with people who care about them and will keep them safe.”
    J. Jennings - Parent
  • “This was one of the most enchanting assessment visits I have ever had. Obviously there is a limit to how much depth they can go into with such young children, but the inventive, creative and varied activities offered to the children were just wonderful- and the atmosphere in the nursery so vibrant and friendly and caring.”
    K. Fullerton - Eco-Schools
  • “We arrived in Morecambe at fairly short notice and were extremely fortunate to find a place for our eight month old girl at the best nursery/kindergarten in the area. Since joining, S has improved her social skills and her motor skills so much. The staff are outstanding, and we are so glad that Shelley managed to squeeze us in. We can't imagine a better choice to look after our baby.”
    D. Bell - Parent
  • “R has loved her time at nursery, my only regret is that I didn't send her sooner. All of the staff are fantastic and very friendly, you couldn't really ask for any more. Regular updates at the end of the day are helpful, we get to see the progress our children are making in different surroundings. This nursery already has a fantastic reputation. I would not have wanted R to go anywhere else. R goes into nursery with a smile on her face and always leaves with a smile, that is something every parent wants to see. I just want to say a massive thank you to all of the staff for everything you've done for R. Hopefully you will see us in a few years with child number two!”
    C. McCann - Parent (School Leaver)
  • “We have used Torrisholme Kindergarten for the past 3 years and currently have 2 daughters attending. We are so happy with the care our girls receive from all of the amazing staff. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend this excellent parents to other parents.”
    A. Mayor - Parent
  • “My daughter has been attending Morecambe Kindergarten since she was 7 months old - she is 2 now and thinks of it as her second home. She is always doing fun activities with other children and there isn't a day that goes by where she doesn't bring something she has made or painted home. She loves all the staff there and I feel that they provide my daughter with everything she needs to be given the best start in life.”
    A. Estkowska - Parent
  • “I like the Kindergarten because it has a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. The children really do have lots of fun exploring inside and out. All the children look to have freedom yet under control. I want to come :).”
    R Taylor - Parent
  • “The Kindergarten is a really good nursery, I wouldn't change anything. My kids have come on leaps and bounds since going to the Kindergarten. I think the staff are absolutely fabulous, you could't ask for a better bunch... Just want to say a big thank you to you all for the way my kids have come on. You couldn't get a better nursery. When I read their files I just wanted to cry. Thanks to you all.”
    M. Moorehouse - Parent
  • “Both our son and daughter have enjoyed their time at Torrisholme Kindergarten. I have found the staff very friendly and am kept up to date on regular intervals on how my child is developing. I would have no hesitation recommending Torrisholme Kindergarten to anyone - they give me great peace of mind.”
    C. Campbell - Parent
  • “My daughter talks about nursery all the time at home. She wants to come on weekends! She has settled well and has made lots of friends. She never wants to leave at the end of the sessions.”
    D. Harrison - Parent
  • “Wow what a great nursery. F has had a great time at kindergarten . When he first started he couldn't speak a sentence, within a couple of months we couldn't shut him up. He has come on leaps and bounds. Every day, even on a Saturday and Sunday he asks if he can go to nursery... I am so pleased I sent F to Torrisholme and thank you from the bottom of my heart, you guys are true angels.”
    L. Hope - Parent (School Leaver)

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